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Kadee Boxes

380-232 Kadee Plastic Draft Gear Boxes For #5, 58, 20-Series (medium & long shank), 40-Series (medium & long shank) couplers. Also works with medium and long shank Whisker couplers. (pkg.10)   $3.83 


380-233 Kadee For 30 Series Coupler (pkg.10) $5.69


380-234 Kadee Plastic Draft Gear Boxes -- For #5 20-Series (#23, 24, 25 short shank), 40-Series (43, 44 & 45 short shank) couplers. Also works with short shank Whisker couplers. (pkg.10) $4.55


380-242 Kadee HO Universal Snap-Together Insulated Draft Gear Box -- 10 Pair $4.55

Precision engineered to work with Kadee NO.5(R), 58, 20-Series and 40-Series and all Whisker couplers

  380-252 Small Whisker Snap-Together Insulated Gear Box 10 Pair For Mounting with Limited Space $4.55

Small Whisker coupler snap-together insulated gear box and lid for mounting with limited space Whisker coupler 30-Series equivalent gearbox. Similar to the 30 Series gearbox. Precision engineered to work with all Kadee Whisker couplers

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Our inventory consists of mainly HO model train supplies. We provide model railroaders with a good supply of products at a discount price. We are small in size but are big in service

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