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Woodland Underbrush  Clump-Foliage

18 Cu. In. 295 Cu cm.  $4.43 Each

Available in six realistic colors and great for making small trees too! 

  785-134  Woodland Underbrush  Clump-Foliage Olive Green  


  785-135  Woodland  Underbrush  Clump-Foliage Light Green    


  785-136 Woodland  Underbrush Clump-Foliage  Medium Green   


  785-137  Woodland  Underbrush Clump-Foliage  Dark Green    


  785-138  Woodland  Underbrush Clump-Foliage Forest Green    


  785-139  Woodland Underbrush Clump-Foliage Forest Blend  


Woodland Bushes Clump-Foliage

18 Cu. In. 295 Cu cm.  $4.43 Each

Available in six realistic colors and great for making bushes, hedges, shrubs and trees

785-144  Woodland  Bushes Clump-Foliage  Olive Green  


  785-145  Woodland  Bushes Clump-Foliage  Light Green    


  785-146 Woodland  Bushes Clump-Foliage  Medium Green   


  785-147  Woodland  Bushes Clump-Foliage  Dark Green   


  785-148  Woodland  Bushes Clump-Foliage Forest Green    


  785-149  Woodland  Bushes Clump-Foliage  Forest Blend  


Woodland Underbrush

32 oz Shaker.  $11.09 Each

  785-1634 Underbrush - 32oz Shaker -- Olive Green 

 785-1635 Underbrush - 32oz Shaker -- Light Green 

 785-1636 Underbrush - 32oz Shaker -- Medium Green 

 785-1637 Underbrush - 32oz Shaker -- Dark Green 

 785-1638 Underbrush - 32oz Shaker -- Forest Green 

 785-1639 Underbrush - 32oz Shaker -- Forest Blend 

Woodland Bushes

32 oz Shaker.  $11.09 Each

 785-1644 Bushes - 32oz Shaker -- Olive Green 

 785-1645 Bushes - 32oz Shaker -- Light Green 

 785-1646 Bushes - 32oz Shaker -- Medium Green  $11.09

 785-1647 Bushes - 32oz Shaker -- Dark Green $11.09

  785-1648 Bushes - 32oz Shaker -- Forest Green $11.09

  785-1649 Bushes - 32oz Shaker -- Forest Blend  $11.09

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