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Centerline HO Scale Rail Cleaners

  60031 Centerline  Rail Cleaner  #D30 (HO) P2000  $63.50


  60032  Model D32 Rail Cleaner Centerline   (HO) Kadee $74.00


  60033  Model 34 Rail Cleaner Proto 2000 trucks & NEM 362 coupler pockets  $72.00 


  60035  Centerline Model HO-2 Rail cleaner With Mantua Trucks and X2f (horn hook) couplers  $90.00 


  60036 Centerline Model 35 Rail Cleaner Marklin Trucks   and Couplers  $83.00    


Centerline HO Scale Rail Cleaner Accessories

  60161 Centerline Brass Roller # D30-D39   out of stock  $12.00 


  60213 Centerline 25  Elastic Bands out of stock  $3.00 


  60215  Centerline Ho-1 S-1 Roller covers for model HO-2 rail cleaner  $5.00   


  60216  Centerline Roller Covers #D30-D36 $5.00  


Centerline N Scale Rail Cleaners

  60021 Centerline  Rail Cleaner  #D10 N- Rapido  $47.50  


  60022 Centerline  Rail Cleaner  #D12  N Micro -Trn   $52.00  out of stock


  60212 Centerline N scale Roller Covers #D10-D12  $5.00 


Centerline O Scale Scale Rail Cleaners

  60055 Centerline  Rail Cleaner  0-1 ( 2 Rail )  $133.00  


All Centerline Rail Cleaner Feature
Limited slip rolling action that "scrubs" the rails for rapid removal of deposits.
Totally non-abrasive leaves no particles or other matter for secondary clean-up.
May be used "wet" (recommended for rapid action and wheel cleaning).
May be used "dry" (without fluid to clean the rails more slowly).
May be used continuously without harm to rails or wheels.
100% Cleaning Contact with all rails at all times. Highly Snag and De-rail Resistant because of rolling action.
Will NOT damage delicate turn-outs. The wheels of the following cars are also cleaned.
Easily replaceable standard trucks
The cleaner is a weighted absorbent roller that may be saturated with any of a wide variety of cleaning fluids
(or may be used without fluids). The roller is guided along the rails by the frame of the cleaning car.
The roller is allowed to ''float'' and gravity will press it firmly onto the rails.
Because there is a small amount of drag concentrated in the roller, it will be slipping (slightly) even when turning.
Rail grime is absorbed into the cleaning surface of the roller and removed from the rails (not just smeared around).
The fluid that remains on the rails (before evaporation) will loosen built-up dirt from the wheels of any locomotives and cars that follow.
After several passes, the rails and wheels of all rolling stock should be electrically clean and free from wheel slippage.

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