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   DX-LNWI  LocoNet WiFi Interface__$63.20


The LNWI allows you to connect compatible WiFi devices to LocoNet and run trains using compatible throttle apps.

   DX-LT1 Decoder And LocoNet Cable Tester__$4.00


DX-LT1 Decoder And LocoNet Cable Tester
The LT1 is included with all Digitrax Starter Sets
consists of a harness with 6 conductor Telco type wire with a male plug,
a tester with a female 6 conductor jack, and a 100 Ohm 2 watt protection resistor

   DX-LNCMK LocoNet Cable Maker Kit__$40.00


DX-LT1 Decoder And LocoNet Cable Tester
Everything you need to make LocoNet Cables for your layout:
Crimper tool for cutting cables to length and attaching plugs to cable ends
LT1 LocoNet Tester for testing cables prior to installation on layout
50’ LocoNet Cable-pretested and ready to use as a single long run or to be cut into smaller lengths
20 RJ12 Plugs for making up cables or for repairing broken plugs on throttles and LocoNet cables

   DX-LNRJ12P20 RJ12 Plugs Package 20__$8.00


Use with crimper tool to make custom length LocoNet cables & replace broken plugs

  DX-LNC82 8' LocoNet Cables-2 Pack__  $8.00


2 pack of 8 foot LocoNet Cables.
Convenient pre-made, pre-tested cables, ready to use on your layout.
LocoNet Wiring is a snap with these cables.

  DX-LNC162 16’ LocoNet Cables-2 Pack__$13.60


2 pack of 16' LocoNet Cables.
Convenient pre-made, pre-tested cables, ready to use on your layout.
LocoNet Wiring is a snap with these cables.

  DX-LNC501 50’ LocoNet Cable__ $20.00


LocoNet Layout Wiring Made Simple!
Pre-made, pre-tested 50 foot LocoNet cable.
Use on any LocoNet Layout.
Use for long runs or divide into custom lengths using LocoNet Cable Maker Kit & RJ12 Plugs.

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