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   949-4160  Farm Tractor 2-Pack -
Assembled -- Red  $11.98

   949-4161  Farm Tractor 2-Pack -
 Assembled -- Green  $11.98

   949-4162 Farm Plow and Planter -
Assembled -- Red  $11.98

   949-4164 Forklift 2-Pack -
Assembled -- Yellow
Instant realism for any transition-era loading dock, industry, warehouse, railroad shop and more
Vintage style with open cab as used from 1940s to 1960s
Two ready-to-use Forklifts finished in yellow and black


Each SceneMaster vehicle is a highly detailed replica, using diecast and plastic as appropriate to create a model worthy of your layout.
On some models, moving parts can be positioned so you can display the truck in realistic work situations.
Introduced in 2002 to replace the 4000-series trucks of the 1990s, the medium-duty 4300 was built in three variations
and became a very popular chassis for a variety of commercial applications. Today, they're still in production as the International Durastar.

   949-11131  International 4300 Truck -

Assembled -- Single-Axle Semi Tractor (red)  $7.98

   949-11183   International 4900 Truck -

 Assembled -- Dual-Axle Semi Tractor (orange) $7.98

   949-11190  International 4900 Single-Axle Semi Tractor Only
 - Assembled -- White $7.98

   949-11191  International 4900 Single-Axle Semi Tractor Only
 - Assembled -- Red  $7.98

   949-11184   International 4900 Dual-Axle Semi Tractor Only -
Assembled -- United Parcel Service (Bow Tie Shield Logo; brown, yellow)
Licensed replica of popular International(R) trucks
Must-have for HO model railroads
Perfect size for collectors
Positionable parts on many models
Fully assembled & painted
Die-cast metal and plastic parts
This medium-duty truck line was introduced in the late 1980s.
Powered by a Navistar DT inline six-cylinder diesel engine capable of up to 350 horsepower,
the 4900 series has been a great starting point for a wide range of commercial vehicles,
including delivery vans, single- and dual-axle semi tractors, as well as fire apparatus and other government applications.

   949-11292  International 4900 Single-Axle Box Van
- Assembled -- International (black)  $7.98

   949-11293  International4900 Single-Axle Box Van - Assembled
-- United Parcel Service (Bow Tie Shield Logo; brown, yellow) $9.58

   949-14001  UPS Package Car -- United Parcel Service
Modern Shield Logo $11.98

   949-11635 Single-Axle Dump Truck - Assembled --
White w/Railroad Maintenance-of-Way Logo Decals $9.58

   949-11652 International(R) 7600 3-Axle Flatbed Truck -
 Assembled -- Red Cab, Black Flatbed  $9.58

   949-11653 International(R) 7600 3-Axle Flatbed Truck -
 Assembled -- Yellow Cab, Black Flatbed  $9.58

   949-11660 International 7600 3-Axle Heavy Duty Dump Truck - Assembled --

White with Railro