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223-194543 Electric Powered mP54 MU Combine w/Pantograph - Standard DC -- Pennsylvania Railroad (Pre-War Light Tuscan, Olive)

List Price: $229.98 Sale Price $75.99 

Product Features

Models feature accurate dimensioning, complete underbody details, RP-25 metal wheelsets, working knuckle couplers, authentic paint schemes, complete interior details, working headlights at each end and built-in lighting that works in DC and DCC. Powered units (except Long Island models) have prototype PRR pantographs.



381-376512 Diesel EMD SD38-2; Powered -- Union Pacific #Y835 (Mini-Winged Shield & Lightning Bolt) $88.98


List Price: $145.00 Sale Price $88.98 

Product Features

Although officially classified as a medium road-switcher, the SD38-2 is frequently identified with its heavy duty in the steel industry. the SD38-2 has also been used in mainline and yard duty by railroads such as UP and CNW when looking for extra tractive effort. These models are accurate to the roadname/engine number with regards to fuel tank size, truck brake cylinders and dynamic/non-dynamic brake hatch. They are equipped with Kato knuckle couplers, LED directional headlight and 8-pin DCC socket. They are also designed to be sound-friendly, allowing for the optional installation of a 1-1/10" 28 mm diameter speaker for use with an onboard sound unit (speaker and sound unit from another manufacturer). These locomotives are ideal for use with steel industry structures, ore cars and coil cars from other manufacturers.

381-376601 Diesel EMD SD40-2 Mid-Production Powered -- Burlington Northern #6770 

List Price: $179.00 Sale Price $107.98 

Product Features

One of the best-selling EMD locos ever built, over 3,000 SD40-2s were sold in the US and Canada. During production, some prototype features were changed. These ready-to-run models are based on mid-production units. Like the prototype, these locos incorporate functioning ditch lights which can be switched between alternating (flashing) and steady lighting modes in DC (for DCC operation, ditch lights can be synchronized with horn or bell functions by installing an 8-pin sound decoder, sold separately). The models also come with all details and handrails installed, golden white LED headlights and illuminated, printed numberboards. They feature DCC-friendly construction with a 1.1" 28mm speaker housing in the fuel tank.

381-376613 Diesel EMD SD40-2 Mid-Production, Powered --

Burlington Northern Santa Fe #6744 

List Price: $179.00 Sale Price $107.98 

Product Features

As a prototype, the SD40-2 was the most popular second-generation diesel with sales of over 3000 in the U.S. and more than 700 in Canada. There were many variations of this popular diesel because of the long production run. For the first time in model railroad history, our HO SD40-2 Mid-Production features functioning ditch lights which can be switched between alternating (flashing) and steady lighting modes on-the-fly. You can toggle the alternating ditch lights as the locomotive approaches urban areas or road crossings on your layout, or elect simply to run them all the time, however you'd like to enjoy it. This locomotive features: All handrails and grab irons are factory installed, making the model ready to go out of the box, Functional ditch lights that can be switched between alternating and steady modes on-the-fly, Great for pulling our Gunderson MAXI-IV double stack well cars, Locomotives feature directional Golden White LED headlights and illuminated preprinted numberboards, Sound friendly construction with a speaker housing in the fuel tank, Ditch lights can be synchronized with horn or bell functions with the installation of an 8-pin sound decoder, and Available Kato-Direct with DCC and Sound installed.

Our inventory consists of mainly HO model train supplies. We provide model railroaders with a good supply of products at a discount price. We are small in size but are big in service

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