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Atlas, Labelle,   PTR, Squadron, Testors, & Walthers

Sale on selected items good for what is in stock only

Atlas  Lubricants   On  Sale   Limited to stock on hand


150-190 Atlas Gear Lubricant

2 in stock

  List $12.95 you pay  $8.17 


150-191 Atlas Heavy Duty Motor Bearing Lubricant

5 in stock

List $15.95 you pay  $9.30

150-192 Atlas Conducta Lube Cleaner

1 in stock

List $15.95 you pay  $9.99

150-193 Loco/Track Maintenance Kit -- Gear Lubricant, Heavy Duty Motor Bearing Lubricant, Conducta-Lube Cleaner

4 in stock

List $42.95 you pay  $24.10

A-West  On  Sale   Limited to stock on hand

158-1  Weather-It -- 4oz
3 in stock   

List $8.95  you pay  $6.36

158-4   Patina-It Weathering Solution -- For Blue/Green Color on Copper, Brass & Bronze 4oz
3 in stock  

List $9.95  you pay  $7.16

Labelle Lubricants

Very light oil for motors, bearings, etc. Natural penetrating action will usually free a "frozen" motor, will damage paints and some plastics.



430-102    Labelle   Gear Lubricant Plastic Compatible   1/2 oz   $7.43

A true gear lubricant Should not be used on bushings, bearings, ect 



430-104  Labelle Synthetic Multi-Purpose Oil  $7.43

Medium Weight Non Gumming Long Lasting

430-106    Labelle Grease  Plastic Compatible 1/2 oz      $7.43 



430-107 Labelle Plastic Compatible Motor Oil Medium Weight   $7.43



430-108 Plastic Compatible Motor Oil Light Weight  $7.43



430-134  Micro-Fine Powdered w/PTFE   $7.43

Model Power On  Sale   Limited to stock on hand

Rail Zip

547-452     pt23   Rail Zip    $4.55  

Track cleaner and corrosion inhibitor. Penetrates existing corrosion layers and restores electrical conductivity to the track. Also retards future corrosion by a molecular reaction with the base metal. Non-toxic, contains no solvents, acids, alkalies or alcohols safe for all metals and plastics

Life-Like On  Sale   Limited to stock on hand

433-1415 Life-Like Track Cleaner

 2 in stock 

List $11.96  you pay  $8.15

Squadron On  Sale   Limited to stock on hand

680-9055  Squadron  Putty 2.5oz Tube  Green   

6 in stock

List $4.00  you pay  $2.99



680-9065 Squadron Putty 2.5oz Tube White 

 5 in stock

List $4.00  you pay  $2.99




704-3502    Testors  Plastic Cement   Liquid Bottle  1 oz   $2.95  

704-3515   Testors  Clear Parts Cement    1 oz   $4.76 

Ambroid On  Sale   Limited to stock on hand

130-101    Ambroid Regular Cement
 1.8 FL. oz   

  5 in stock

List $3.24  you pay  $1.95



731-7 Tenax Adhesive -- Plastic Welder $3.99


904-299    Walthers Goo  $3.59 

GOO (R) is the All-Purpose adhesive that grips almost anything. It never lets go. GOO is perfect for building or repairing jobs on your layout and around the house. The easy contact action of GOO produces fast-setting joints with any material. GOO works with all types of metals including steel, brass, aluminum, copper and more. It also works on plastic, wood cardboard, china, leather, vinyl, ceramics, paper, concrete and many more surfaces. GOO is a permanent rubber base adhesive that's shockproof-it's as flexible as rubber. Joints won't crack when flexed back and forth, won't break loose when the temperature changes and won't weaken when wet or damp. It sticks forever!
On  Sale   Limited to stock on hand


904-470    Walthers Hobsco Co Inc Decal Setting Solvent Solvaset (2 Ounce Bottle) 

 3 in stock 

List $5.98  you pay  $4.19

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